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Opportunity Junction fights poverty by helping low-income Contra Costa residents gain the skills and confidence to get and keep jobs that support themselves and their families. At Opportunity Junction, technology, literacy and personal development combine with real world experience to put people on the road to economic self-sufficiency. Click here for our most current marketing materials and most recent newsletters.


Founded in 1999 under the name Opportunities for Technology Information Careers (OPTIC), the organization was the brainchild of Meryl Natchez, the CEO of TechProse, then serving as chair of the Technology Task Force of the Contra Costa Council (now the East Bay Leadership Council). When Natchez took over as chair of that task force in 1997, she saw a tremendous need for workers with strong technology and workplace skills at the same time as she knew that Welfare Reform had mandated that many single mothers move from welfare to full-time employment. Natchez saw the technology sector as holding the promise of true economic self-sufficiency for these women. The founding Board, a collaboration of the private sector, government, and the education community, developed a Job Training and Placement Program based on best practices in workforce development, with a focus on computer skills. That program was launched in February of 2000, the year of the organization's incorporation.


Opportunity Junction is effective because of our long-term, in-depth approach, combining a family-like atmosphere with professional expectations. In addition to training, participants receive the counseling, mentoring, work experience and other support that is necessary to achieve real success. Our programs are designed for low-income adults who are seeking financial stability and self-sufficiency.

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Hire A Grad


We have rewarding volunteer opportunities at all levels of involvement and expertise. We are grateful to envelope-stuffers, volunteer trainers, and pro bono professionals alike.

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Opportunity Junction’s programs help struggling job-seekers transform themselves into breadwinners and role models.

> Job Training and Placement
> SparkPoint Career Development
> Technology Center
> Do-It-Yourself Tax Assistance

For Alumni

Job Training and Placement Program alumni are eligible for:

> Alumni Council
> Employment Incentives
> Active Job Seekers Program