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Opportunity Junction started as a collaboration – the fruit of the blood, sweat and tears of a committed group of volunteers – and succeeds in serving its mission because of the enthusiasm and hard work of staff and volunteers alike.

With a permanent staff of fourteen full-time and six part-time employees, Opportunity Junction relies on a network of more than 150 volunteers to staff programs, organize events, and provide leadership and guidance. We also rely on the participants of our Job Training and Placement Program as administrative interns and, frequently, as volunteers themselves.

Among our most valuable resources as an organization are our:

  • Staff Members, who wear many hats and juggle myriad responsibilities;
  • Board of Directors, who govern the organization and provide valuable volunteer and fundraising support;
  • Advisory Board,  a group of community leaders and employers who meet to advise us on strategic initiatives;
  • Alumni Council,  comprised of alumni of our Job Training and Placement Program, who organize the alumni, advise on program development, and devise ways to strengthen the organization’s relationship with the alumni;
  • Friends of Opportunity Junction, a team of volunteers that works relatively independently to organize our annual fundraising gala;
  • Volunteers, who participate as trainers, mentors, interviewers, receptionists, outreach staffers, event volunteers, and more; and
  • Funders and Pro Bono Partners,  who ensure that we have the financial and technical resources to run our programs and serve our mission.

Together, we support the professional and personal success of our participants, who are making a better life for themselves and their families.


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Hire A Grad


We have rewarding volunteer opportunities at all levels of involvement and expertise. We are grateful to envelope-stuffers, volunteer trainers, and pro bono professionals alike.

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Opportunity Junction’s programs help struggling job-seekers transform themselves into breadwinners and role models.

> Job Training and Placement
> SparkPoint Career Development
> Technology Center
> Do-It-Yourself Tax Assistance

For Alumni

Job Training and Placement Program alumni are eligible for:

> Alumni Council
> Employment Incentives
> Active Job Seekers Program