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Alissa Friedman - Executive Director
Arcie Alvarez - Technology Center Associate
Bill Bankhead - Sr. Career Development Case Manager
Rich Berger - Manager of Employer Engagement
Brianna Burkman - Director of Programs
Norman Cheng - Manager of Technology Training
Natasha DeAlmeida - Career Counselor
Pam Elliott - Director of Finance
Lisa Franklin - Manager of Professional Development
Natalie Georgia - Manager of Personal Development
Gloria Hsiaofang Holbrook - Program Assistant and Office Manager
Jacqui Kennedy - Outreach and Employment Specialist
Lynn Kwasny - Program Associate
Eva Luo - Development and Volunteer Coordinator
Rebecca Riley - Director of Development
Nicole Sherman - Program Coordinator, Do-It-Yourself Tax Assistance
Paola Soto - Career Development Case Manager
Michelle Wade - Manager of Alumni Programs
Hang Ngo - Director of Counseling

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Hire A Grad


We have rewarding volunteer opportunities at all levels of involvement and expertise. We are grateful to envelope-stuffers, volunteer trainers, and pro bono professionals alike.

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Opportunity Junction’s programs help struggling job-seekers transform themselves into breadwinners and role models.

> Job Training and Placement
> SparkPoint Career Development
> Technology Center
> Do-It-Yourself Tax Assistance

For Alumni

Job Training and Placement Program alumni are eligible for:

> Alumni Council
> Employment Incentives
> Active Job Seekers Program