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15 Years of Success for Job-Seekers and Their Families

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Amanda Barnes
Amanda: As a child, Amanda didn't know what kind of future she could expect. Her parents were both addicted to drugs, and her father was in and out of jail. Amanda found Opportunity Junction almost accidentally when she was just looking for a computer to use to job search. She received so much more as she learned valuable skills while building her self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Now, she has an administrative career with Rubicon Programs, Inc. "All the hard work and struggles in my life are starting to pay off. I am making more money than I ever thought I could and love the work I do. If it wasn't for Opportunity Junction, I would be making minimum wage in my retail life." Read more about Amanda's life and career…

Grisel Reyes
Grisel: A victim of the recession, Grisel struggled through the closing of her small business, her husband's lay-off, and her home being in foreclosure. She committed herself to the Job Training and Placement Program and improved her skills and employability. Grisel was hired by local non-profit Brighter Beginnings as a Program and Enrollment Assistant/ Site Coordinator, working with underserved families, and she has already earned a raise. "I am providing for my family again and saving money so I can purchase a home in a better neighborhood for my kids. More importantly, I can afford to buy my kids new coats this winter." Here's how she did it, thanks to your support.

Phil Hammon
Phil: After two tours of duty in the Navy and a rough childhood, Phil was ready to create a different future. "Opportunity Junction saw something in me, and showed me what it's like to be respected in the workplace and to want something better for myself. They polished off my hard edges so that I could present myself to the world." A contact Phil made during mock interviews in the internship led to a well-paying position with Chevron, where Phil has been working for over a year. Read how he did it here.

Tracie and Her Family
Tracie: Tracie shares,“My confidence and my self-esteem are back. Opportunity Junction has reminded me how great I can be. Now it’s time for me to let my skills shine. I am proud to sing the praises of Opportunity Junction. Just ask my family. They keep saying that I act like I’m the official spokesperson or something. And, actually, I am!” Tracie used her new skills and found confidence to earn a position as a Housing Manager for the Contra Costa County Housing Authority. Read her experience with Opportunity Junction in her own words here.

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