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Join us any Tuesday at 10 am or 6 pm at 3102 Delta Fair Blvd. in Antioch to learn more about our programs.

$50 buys an interview suit for a job seeker launching a career

$100 buys a Microsoft Office textbook that will be used by 12 classes

$250 buys five 30-day bus passes to make it possible for trainees attend classes

$500 buys textbooks and parking passes so that a young adult can complete a one-semester Career Technical Education program at community college

Computer Classes
Our Technology Center offers evening access to computers and the Internet, so you can research the labor market, polish your resume, and apply for jobs. We also offer free classes to help you personally and professionally. Computer classes start with basic email and progress through Intermediate Word and Excel. We also offer ESL classes, Computer Basics in Spanish, and typing. Click here for more information and to sign up.

Technology Center Hours: Monday thru Thursday from 5 pm - 9 pm.

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Aprenda Inglés Gratis

English as a Second Language Classes (ESL)

El Centro está disponible para la comunidad: Clases de Inglés
Martes/Jueves: 6:00-7:30 P.M. o 7:30-9:00 P.M.
Para más información: (925) 776-1133

English as a Second Language Classes (ESL)
Tuesdays/Thursdays: 6:00-7:30 P.M. or 7:30-9:00 P.M.
For more information: (925) 776-1133